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Important Tax Dates

Taxation & Accounts Filing Dates 2006-2007
Income tax/class 4 national insurance first payments 31 January 2007
Second payment on account 31 July 2007
Balancing payments 31 January 2008
Capital gain tax 31 January 2008
Corporation tax 9 months after year-end

Companies: where dividends are paid to non-company shareholders the underlying payment will be taxed at a minimum of 18%. This starts on 1st April 2004. This is previously referred as to as IR591.

Capital allowances:

First year capital allowances for small business are increased from 40% to 50%, however the previous 100% rate for computer equipment expires on 31st march 2004.


The VAT registration threshold will be increased to 61,000 from 1st April 2004, the deregistration threshold to 59,000.00

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